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Bailando con la Muerte XX

CALL FOR ARTISTS extended ~ bring art on Oct 25!

A Multicultural Community Event & Procession

Visual Art Exhibit ~ Celebrating 20 Years! 

for El Día de los Muertos

OCTOBER 26 – NOVEMBER 10, 2015


dancing with death


Sunday, November 1, 2 pm - 5 pm

Procession from Hartnell
to Maya Cinemas!

Sign up today to be a part of the 8th Annual procession along Central Avenue


A Frida Kahlo Look-alike Contest

begins @ Hartnell College Gallery ~ procession to Maya Cinemas @ 4:30pm
~ prizes after procession 5pm @ Maya Cinemas

With Live Music! Dance performances! Refreshments! Multi-lingual poetry readings!
Papel Picado, Sugar Skulls, and more!

Public is welcome!

Free admission to events and art show!

Bailando con la Muerte:
a Multicultural Community Celebration of Art and Culture

This annual event consists of a two-week exhibition of visual art, and an evening of live performances of music, dance, poetry, and more.  The popular ‘Night of Fridas’, a Frida Kahlo look-alike contest with great prizes is an entertaining addition to the program.  Admission to both events is free.

Artists from all disciplines and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to participate.  Traditional and unconventional artistic interpretations related to the theme: ‘Life, Death, and Remembrance’ are encouraged. There is no entrance fee for the exhibition; everyone is welcome to submit artwork. 

Bailando con la Muerte is an important multicultural event for Salinas and Monterey County, designed for the participation of the entire community.  Because of the universal importance and significance of the rituals and customs surrounding the mystery of death in all cultures, this event is oriented to families of diverse backgrounds. Through this venue, we encourage people from all cultures to work together in our community, to better understand each other, to celebrate our cultural differences as well as share common cultural concerns.  It is our goal to promote intercultural communication and understanding through the arts.

Bailando con la Muerte – Dancing with Death signifies our struggle to comprehend cultural differences.  The metaphor of dancing best describes an experience with a culture other than our own – one might learn the steps, however, to grasp the essence, one must delve deeper, a self examination of ones’ own cultural beliefs is a crucial step in this process.

This investigation into another culture allows us to relate to others from backgrounds different from our own – an important tool that enables us to participate in our community on a higher level.  We are fortunate to live in Monterey Bay, with people from many diverse cultures, and the support of these citizens enriches our community.

Local artists and young people from the area contribute time, artwork, poetry, as well as music and dance performances to make this event happen.  Kudos to all who chose to participate in our wonderful celebration.

Everyone can participate!

Visual Artists: Painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, installation, film, video.
Literary Artists: 
Poetry, prose, short stories.
Performing Artists: Music, dance, theater.

Bailando con la Muerte XX is made possible by:

The Hartnell College Gallery · the Hartnell College Foundation · Local Artists · Community Volunteers · Generous Contributions from Area Businesses · Arts Council for Monterey County · Artistas Unidos – Artists United


For more information contact: Trish Triumpho Sullivan, curator, organizer at 831.594.1799

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